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My tuned BMW E36 320


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September 10, 2009

This is the website about my BMW E36 320. You will find here pictures and development steps with information on what I have done to my car in all these years since I have it from 2003. Enjoy !

So, this is how all started…

I always have dreamed about BMW E36 since I was a teenager at school. Actually, I was dreaming about E36 Compact but not Coupe. It is hard to explain for me at the moment – why Compact? Well, I’ll try.  I wanted to be realistic and the Compact was a cheaper buy at that time. “This car’s back looks like it was cut…” my friends used to say but I was staying with my opinion and waited for that special moment. I used to have hundreds of pictures of E36, E30 and even VW Golf but E36 was the most desirable car.

In 2002 I was back from UK and found one nice blue E36 Compact. I went to take a look and…. I have changed my mind. I saw a daylight in my head and I said NO – I don’t want it, Coupe looks much much better, yes, definitely a Coupe. I’ll go only for it.

A few weeks later I have found one nice black 320i Coupe in the car-market. I was totally inexperienced in cars but when I saw it I thought – yes, this is it. This is the car I want to drive. At that moment I couldn’t think and wanted to sort out all the things with the seller asap and this was a mistake. I got a nice looking car from exterior but with non-working air conditioner. The seller has tricked me. Damn, I was happy about my car. It has lowered Eibach springs, Victor steering wheel, 16″ alloy wheels. Before I have had an E30 316i and it was incomparable to 320i. 320i was quick, stiff and pleasure to drive. This is what I wanted – pleasure to drive! I have never felt so relaxed and happy while driving my new toy comparing to 316. Stiff, responsive and quick. I was on the 9th heaven.

Once I wanted to turn the air conditioner on on the hot day but remembered that it is not working.  I wanted to find out why and went to the mechanics who told me that my car probably suffered an accident on the side where all the system was installed and they offered me to fix the problem. This was my second mistake because I still didn’t have a much clue on the cars and let anybody to work on my baby. In 2002 there were not much used parts of BMW E36 Coupe in Lithuania, so mechanics used some universal parts ( one of them was radiator) which were not installed with love.  I closed my eyes and thought – finally it is working and I will not have to sweat :) My happiness lasted 3 months. After that the conditioner compressor broke. I brought it to same guys and they fixed it but not for a long time.  It broke again… I decided to leave it because the winter was coming and I will not need cool air in my car for some time.


More story coming soon.