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My tuned BMW E36 320

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September 11, 2009

This is a modification list of my BMW E36 320.

Engine (non-turbo) atmospheric:

base M50B25.
Crankshaft, pistons and rods taken from  M52B28.
Performance cams from
Intake – 275,
Exhaust – 269.
Retainers from
Valve springs from
Compression ratio 11.4.
Widened fuel channels.
Fuel injectors 347 ccm (Bosch 0280155830).
NGK Iridium.
M3 E36 S50B30 individual throttle body.
RPM limit – 8000.
E36 M3 oil filter housing gasket.
Oil radiator.

There are A and B configs. A for ethanol (E85) and B – for petrol.

Full Supersprint system: exhaust manifold, middle exhaust and rear racing exhaust.

E30 Kevlar Clutch with 5 leafs, E30 flywheel ~7 kgs
ex: Sachs performance clutch – ceramic. Nothing special I think but should be better then standard.

Gear box
Taken from 1998m 323ti E36 Compact.
BM short shifter.

LSD – stock. 3.15, for track days 4.27.

Engine rubber mounting from E36 M3.
H&R sway bar.
Koni 1150-5069 coilovers.
K-MAC full adjustable camber/caster plates.
M3 ecsentric front bushes.
Powerflex set in the rear.
D2 adjustable rear wishbones.
Strut bar at the front and rear.
E36 M3 Evo front wishbones.

BMW E46 330d brake calipers in rear and front.
M3 S50B30 main master cylinder.
Armoured brakes hoses.
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads.

E36 M3 with some extra features like alcantara + leather front panel. VDO gauges. Sandtler sports seat for trackdays.

Roll cage:
Custom Wiechers roll cage.

E36 M3.
Carbon-fibre front hood.
Front splitter in the front or Rieger lip.
Back – E36 M3 GT rear spoiler replica.
Wheels. I have got 3 sets of wheels at the moment:
1) Forged M double spoke r17 7.5 and 8.5 inches,
2) OZ Alleggerita Titanium r17 8 inches with ET34 and 8.5 inches with ET35,
3) BBS RK II r18 8.5 inches for every day use.

At the moment car has 272 HP at the crankshaft (238 HP at the wheels with 4.27 diff) and 292 NM torque on E85 ethanol fuel. Petrol not measured.

Performance as measured with Performance Box as measured with 3.15 diff and petrol:
0-100 km/h 6s. (With 4.27 diff goes in 5.7 s)
0-140 km/h – 10,8s.
0-190 km/h 21,27s.

As measured with G meter

As measured with G meter

Distance(m) / Time(s) / Speed(km/h) as measured with 3.15 diff and petrol:
0-100 / 06.3 /  102.0
0-200 / 09.4  / 128.0
0-400 / 14.3  / 159.6
0-1000 / 27.2 / 124.4

Weight with OEM M3 seats without driver and with the half of the tank 1440 kg. Without OEM M3 seats and no stuff in the trunk the weight is 1370 kg with half of the tank. In 2014 car weights 1350 kg.

Dyno 261 HP

Dyno 261 HP with the Petrol

In 2011 another ECU program for E85 was made. The results are:

Dyno HP using E85 as measured with the 5th gear.

Dyno Torque using E85 as measured with the 5th gear.

Dyno results in October 2013.  WHP and NM.